Vacationing For The First Time Without Kids

Yassss, a vacation without the kiddos – doesn’t that sound dreamy? You’re married and absolutely adore your kids, but you don’t lose sight of needing personal time to recharge from the chaos of life. Between packing lunches, after-school activities (or summer camp) and errands, you and your spouse finally squeezed a moment in to plan that amazing two-week vacation.

It’s your time to catch up on sleep, reconnect with each other and take lots of selfies as you adventure around Iceland, go rustic glamping, or island hop in the Caribbean. That all sounds incredible, right? But while the Expedia and AirBnB searches fill your nights, ther may just be one thing that never crossed your mind– what if something happens to you while you’re on vacation? Who would have access to your finances? Your home? Who would have guardianship over your kids? 60 percent of adults in the U.S. know they should create a will but they put it off because, well, who wants to think about dying? And it’s probably really expensive anyway.

But, it is reality and you need to take responsibility; how awful would it be if something did happen and you left a mess behind for your loved ones? You totally need a will and luckily there are great online resources to help, and help fast–like 30 minutes and you’re finished. is an awesome estate planning site (actually the largest online) that makes the daunting process extremely easy. And no swanky estate planning attorneys needed here–estate planning documents with Willing are extremely affordable. Maybe you’ve already been through a messy situation with a deceased family member, or perhaps you really don’t even understand what a will is and why you’d need one. But it doesn’t have to be this way nor must it break the bank. has already helped half-a-million people create their wills online and to have peace of mind that loved ones are taken care of. So before you head off on your African Safari adventure, sit down with your spouse and talk about this very important topic. Then head to and make it happen. Trust us, the feeling of taking responsibility is very rewarding.