Create A Will In Just 30 Minutes

You do your taxes online. You pay your bills and manage your finances online. You grocery shop online. You seek medical information online. You can pretty much do anything online–and now companies specializing in estate planning, aka creating a will, are invading the interwebs to turn a somewhat complicated process and topic into an easy and affordable one.

Creating an estate plan is pretty formulaic. You answer questions, highlight your wishes and then your documents are generated. Doesn’t seem very intricate, but yet the industry has become synonymous with overcomplicating the process and, not to mention, the idea that you need to be wealthy to afford a really solid plan. It’s also a topic that many avoid and put off for years because the thought of dying is depressing. But it is okay to talk about death and that’s why sprung up. CEO Eliam Medina saw a major void in the space and decided to bring it online and create a process that is both easy and extremely affordable while addressing a topic in a more digestible way.

“When my aunt became ill, I was forced into the ever-convoluted world of estate planning. I realized there are so many challenges within the system that add to the already stressful and sad situation that I, and many others, have endured. Every adult in the world should have a will — there are simply no excuses and protecting your loved ones is the ultimate reason why.”

Still not convinced that you should create your will online? If you fall into the procrastination trap like 60 percent of Americans and avoid the topic, you’re hurting your loved ones in the end and here’s why:

The laws of the state you live in at the time of your death essentially provide a will for you and its laws will determine where your legacy will go. So, the people who end up with your property after you die may not be the ones you’d have chosen had you taken the time to make a will. And, if you have young kids who need to be looked after, while the judge will try to make the best decision, the court still may not pick the guardians you would want. If you’re unmarried but have a partner, that partner gets nothing, nor do any close friends or charities you may care greatly for.

No more excuses. No more procrastination. No more putting it off. The time is now–go to and have peace of mind.