6 Reasons To Create A Will Now

How do we discover the next best restaurant? An amazing new hair salon? The best new face cream? A good financial planner? While there are many ways to do research, one of the most trusted and simple ways is by “word of mouth”. What are people talking about? What are they saying? We listen to people like us and we take their opinions seriously. And the case is no different with estate planning. Whether you’re a mom of three, a retired school teacher, a medical device salesman, a banker, or a graphic designer…take it from all of these adults — they wanted to make sure their legacy is handled properly once they are gone, and was a great solution. This is a topic that people tend to avoid, so bring it up with your friends and make it a conversation.

Here are 6 reasons to create a will now:

  • Have peace of mind
  • Manage family drama
  • Experience a huge weight lifted off your shoulders
  • Have one more thing to check off your list
  • Take responsibility and feel good
  • Save money

The list goes on and on….so stop procrastinating, start doing.

Watch this video to be inspired: