The Legal Way To Create A Will Online

Suffice to say, there was once a day that we’d pay our month-end bills—rent, credit cards, utilities—by sending a check through the mail (yes, snail mail). That process incorporated some serious calendar juggling, as we’d have to estimate just how many days prior to “due date” we’d have to drop the bill in a pre-addressed … Continued

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This 37-year-old CEO is Making Death Mainstream

Many 37-year-old CEOs are likely disrupting the scooter industry or launching the next food delivery app. Eliam Medina, however, took a bit of a different route–he saw an opportunity to motivate people to make better decisions regarding end-of-life planning. Say what? Yes, you read correctly. Medina wants to get people talking about death. So, what … Continued

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Who Exactly Needs A Will?

Graduated college, got a job, met a significant other, maybe shared on rent, got married, bought a house…and you’re pregnant! Baby arrives, congrats—this is the most beautiful gift…but also, there goes your sleeping in on weekends. Or, really, sleeping much at all. But that’s OK, you’ve got the most precious thing in your life on … Continued

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What If I Die Tomorrow?

Before I sat down to write this, I exercised, and then I made dinner. Afterward, I washed those dishes and swept the kitchen floor. Then I checked my email. And began searching for a plane ticket for travel…next April. I took the recyclables to the outdoor bin. I switched out my contacts for my glasses. … Continued

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The Top 5 Myths About Estate Planning

Many aspects of the legal system can seem daunting, and so add estate planning into the mix and your procrastination radar starts beeping like crazy. Who wants to think about death and assets? Who should get what? Who can help me do this? How much am I willing to spend? How will I distribute everything? … Continued

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