Everything you need to know about estate planning.

The Florida Electronic Wills Act: Welcome to the Future of Willmaking

Even as the rest of our lives’ logistics have moved into the digital realm, the process of creating a last will and testament has retained some traditional and strict rules that require people to meet and sign the document in person. That’s about to change, thanks to a law passed in Florida in early May.

Modernizing the Law to Enable Electronic Wills

This paper argues in favor of legislation authorizing electronic wills made in compliance with a set of electronic formalities suited to the modern age.

Dying With or Without A Will: Two Scenarios

What happens to your money, assets and children when you die? In this piece, we dig into what happens if you have a will, and what happens if you don’t. We’ll show you how the legal process for divvying up your assets and assigning your children a guardian works in both cases.

Electronic Wills Are The Future of Estate Planning

Our lives are increasingly conducted online, from hailing a ride to ordering hand soap off Amazon. Industries from retail to banking have capitalized on the web and technology to do business, yet estate planning hasn’t yet migrated to the web. Here, we dive into Willing’s view on why this needs to change.

Where There’s A Will: Behind The Scenes Of Our Legal Software

If you’re like most Americans, you know you need a will, but you haven’t gotten around to it. In this piece, we’ll go behind the scenes of estate planning to show you: how to make a will using Willing, and how to make one using an attorney — and how to choose between the two.

What is a Will?

Learn the basics of what a will is and what yours should include

The Legal Requirements of a Will

Learn the details of what makes a will legally binding

Your Children, Will and You

When you have children, creating a will is of utmost importance.

Now’s the time.

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Why Do I Need a Will?

Regardless of your age, health, family and wealth, you still need a will.

Making a New Will

When changes happen in your life, it’s important to consider making a new will so it accurately reflects your current situation and your current wishes.

How to Revoke a Will

If you need to revoke a will, it’s important you do it correctly and fully understand the implications of the act.

Making a Will at Life's Different Stages

Consider the 7 major life events and how your will might need to change at each stage.

Your Spouse, Will and You

It’s important to learn how being married affects how you can distribute your property in your will.

How to Make a Will: A Checklist

Our quick guide to making a will in 8 steps.

The Consequences of Dying Without a Will

By preparing a will, you make your wishes known and ease the process for everyone.

Updating a Will: Why a Brand New Will Is Better Than a Codicil

While you’d like to make a will once and then forget about it, things happen that require updating a will.

Now’s the time.

Protect the people you love and get peace of mind right here, right now.

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How to Write a Will

Writing a will may be less complicated than you’d think.

Wills and Trusts - What’s the difference?

How are wills and trusts different?

Choosing Guardians for Your Kids

How to choose a guardian in case one is needed to care for your children.